SnowGlobe Local Talent Search

Oct 24, 2012


We’re forever grateful to the city of South Lake Tahoe for playing host to the SnowGlobe Music Festival–this event would not be what it was if not for the support from the local community! It’s not surprising that SLT supports an event like ours given their own thriving music scene: they’ve got some local artists putting out some absolutely MASSIVE beats! It’s only fitting that we give these artists an opportunity to play at the festival they’ve shown so much support for–that’s why this year we’re launching the #SNOWGLOBE2012 Local Talent Search!

 Think you’ve got what it takes to play at SnowGlobe 2012? Prove it. Click HERE to fill out a talent submission form. We’ll hand pick our favorites and feature them on our official website. We know our fans have excellent taste, so we’re putting the power in your hands. The artists with the most fan votes will win a chance to play a set at #SNOWGLOBE2012! If you like what you hear, make sure you vote! We’ll be accepting submissions through October 31st–give us something we haven’t heard before and make your hometown proud!

SnowGlobe 2012 Local Talent Submission Form